Orthopedic Surgeon Assesses Aaron Rodgers’ Injury

The stunning injury suffered by Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers just minutes into Monday night’s season-opening game is significant and will likely require surgery, acccording to Dr. Adam Bitterman,  a Huntington orthopedic surgeon.

While emphasizing that he has not examined Rodgers, Bitterman said that, “Based on the videos. it appears his calf muslce was significantly recoiling as he was maneuvering to avoid the tackle. And his left cleat was planted in the turf, and his ankle was put into a hyperdorsiflexion.”

That movement is “putting the Achilles tendon on stretch,” he said. “The medical term is eccentric contraction.

Bitterman likened the injury to a rubber band snapping.  “In one of the videos you can see a muscle recoil and it would be significant for an Achilles rupture.”

He said Rodgers, given his “superhuman athlete” condition, should recover faster than “a weekend warrior” but said the quarterback is likely done for the season.

Rodgers was sacked by Buffalo less than five minutes into his debut game with the Jets. The Jets went on to win the game, 22-16 in overtime.

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