Passersby Intervened to Stop Stabbing, DA Says

Several passing drivers intervened after a fatal stabbing Thursday in Huntington Station, subduing the attacker until police arrived, Suffolk County District Attorney Ray A. Tierney said Friday.

Candelario Cordova, 53, of Huntington Station, was arraigned Friday on second-degree murder and other charges in the death of Roque Cisneros, 58, and stabbing of the victim”s wife, Vilma Campos.

Tierney said the men had been friends for nearly 20 years.

He said Campos had looked out the window of her home and seen the two men sitting in an SUV, with Cordova at the wheel, and that it appeared that he was trying to get Cisneros out of the vehicle. When he suddenly drove off, Campos got into another vehicle and followed them onto Oakwood Road. Cordova stopped and retrieved a knife from the trunk of the car, which he proceeded to use to stab Cisneros to death and when Campos tried to stop him, he slashed and stabbed her as well, Tierney said.

“Several passing motorists stopped and intervened, ultimately subduing Cordova until members of the Suffolk County Police Department arrived,” Tierney said. The knife was recovered at the scene.

“This defendant allegedly murdered his friend and was savagely attacking his friend’s wife when she tried to save her husband’s life,”  Tierney said.

Campos was taken to Huntington Hospital and treated for her wounds.

Tierney said the motive for the killing was unknown.


Update: Man Charged in Fatal Stabbing on Oakwood Road




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