Pickle Patrons Pack Greenlawn Festival

Long Islanders crowded into the 43rd Greenlawn Pickle Festival Saturday, forcing hundreds to stand outside the entrances to John Gardiner Farm to wait for their chance at the food and entertainment inside.

At one point, more than 250 people waited in a line along Little Plains Road while hundreds of others stood in lines running along Park Avenue. About 1:30 p.m.,  a volunteer explained to the people waiting in the Little Plains line that no one else could be admitted until more festival-goers had left the grounds, and warned that some vendors had run out of food for sale.

On the grounds of the historic farm on Park Avenue, kids enjoyed rides on the Lollipop train, or took hayrides with their families. Across the property, people  maneuvered strollers across the gravel or awaited a chance at the pickles on a stick or fried pickles, fresh roasted corn, cotton candy and other foods, or checked out a variety of items offered by vendors, including spice packets to jewelry, clothing and candles. Others sampled wines or listened to music.

The festival is operated by the Greenlawn Centerport Historical Association.






2 Replies to “Pickle Patrons Pack Greenlawn Festival”

  1. I’m soooooo glad we didn’t end up driving out from the Bronx to attend this event. We were looking forward to it, but after atleast an hour + ride to get out there ONLY To have to stand in lines & Wait for people to leave!!! The worst part is vendors run out of food no way… Appears that it wasn’t organized properly.

  2. Better off driving to ShopRite and buying pickles, since they have a larger assortment then the “flee market with one pickle vendor festival”.
    Greenlawn Greek fest is the winner this weekend! The Greek festival has amazing food/ games/ drinks/ rides/ raffles/ music/ and no fee to enter (easy to spend 2 hours here while walking around and having fun; for people with or without kids).

    Sorry to everyone who loves the pickle fest, but the Huntington fall fest sells more pickles than the pickle fest. It’s meant for people with very young kids who want to wait in line for 1 hour followed by 25 minutes at the fair (this time includes kids waiting to ride the train and run around the “corn maze”)
    For anyone with no kids- you can see every vendor in 5 minutes, and get bored in 8 min.
    Sorry this is so harsh, but I wonder how many people asked for money back after getting in/ will never come again until issues are acknowledged, and rectified 🤷‍♂️.

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