Pilot Program for Dogs at Heckscher Park Extended

A pilot program allowing dogs on leashes in some parts of Heckscher Park was extended for a month after a vote by the Huntington Town Board.

Councilwoman Joan Cergol offered the resolution Tuesday, apologizing for the late addition to the board’s agenda. She said the fact that the program was to expire Tuesday had just been brought to her attention. That didn’t stop Councilman Eugene Cook from complaining and calling her request hypocritical because she had objected to the late addition of another resolution involving the hiring of personnel in the town maritime bureau. 

The board approved the resolution 4-1, with Cook voting no. The extension is designed to allow more time for the evaluation of the program, which first took effect in January and was originally designated as a 90-day test.

Dogs Will Get Their Day With Pilot Program at Heckscher Park

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