PSEG-LI Work Underway in South Huntington

PSEG-LI said Monday that storm hardening work to protect the electrical grid is underway around South Huntington.

Work began last week, the utility said, and will continue for five months.

Crews will be working on the following streets in South Huntington:

  • Old Country Road between Wolf Hill Road and Suzanne Court
  • Pidgeon Hill Road between Wolf Hill Road and north of Windham Drive
  • Windham Drive between Pidgeon Hill Road and Lowick Place
  • Lowick Place between Windham Drive and Luyster Street
  • Luyster Street between Lowick Place and Melville Road
  • Melville Road between Liberty Street and Hanover Place
  • Oakhurst Street between Melville Road and New York Avenue
  • New York Avenue between Oakhurst Street and Stuart Court
  • Deepdale Drive between New York Avenue and Melville Road

The work includes:

  • Stronger poles: PSEG Long Island will replace some existing utility poles with stronger, more durable poles that are capable of withstanding winds up to 135 mph. The new poles will be approximately the same height as the existing poles, have a stronger base and will be placed no more than 5 feet from the current pole locations. PSEG Long Island will actively coordinate the removal of old poles with other utilities and municipalities.
  • Narrow profiles: To help wires deflect falling limbs instead of catching them, PSEG Long Island will be installing shorter cross arms atop some poles.
  • Stronger wire: Current wire will be replaced with more resilient and durable wire.
  • Upgrading: PSEG Long Island will upgrade or replace worn equipment as necessary.

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