Real Estate: Follow a Plan to Find the Right Home

As an experienced Realtor with nearly 35 years of working with Buyers, I know the process of buying your Dream Home can seem daunting but if you follow my “7 Step Guide to Buying Your Dream Home,” you will be more successful, less stressed and you may even enjoy the experience.

  1. Choose your Realtor. It’s always great to start off with a recommendation from a friend or family who had a good experience with their Realtor. Make sure your Realtor really knows the neighborhood in which you are going to be looking. Your Realtor will become your advocate and has to have a wealth of knowledge to navigate the challenges of Buying Homes in today’s market. Don’t be afraid to interview more than one Realtor and search reviews on Zillow and Google to help. It’s also important to consider the company they work for and the resources this Brokerage offers them. I’ve worked exclusively for Daniel Gale because our company motto has always been “do the right thing” which has mirrored my own ethos.
  1. Create a Budget. When you’re considering purchasing a new home, make sure your finances are in order and you have an appropriate price range. Look for a very good mortgage lender, and establish what your budget is before you go looking, because if you start looking at houses that are above your ability to buy, you’ll compare everything to that expensive house that you can never attain. Meet with your mortgage lender and really talk through all the options including the costs of Real Estate Tax.
  1. Write a preference list. Start by making a five- or six-point list of must-have items. All buyers have to sacrifice something, but they should make a priority listing to know what they don’t want to sacrifice. If you simply can’t live without a Water View, or Room to build a pool, these become your top priorities when searching.
  1. Research your ideal neighborhood. We are so fortunate on the North Shore to have so many easy ways to commute on the Island. If you are going to Manhattan every day, work out the commute door to door from each Village you are considering. If the School District is an important choice, you can check out their websites and even call the local Schools for more information on the programs they offer. Sign up to local news websites like Huntington Now as you will find out more about what’s happening in every Neighborhood.
  1. Note your favorite room. What room do you most often gravitate to in your current living situation? Make sure, when looking at new homes, that you can visualize yourself in the room that you spend the most time in.
  1. Create your own visions. Sometimes, your dream home won’t have everything you are looking for right when you buy the home. Some people want a completely renovated house, an open floor plan, or a uniquely designated room that they can’t afford. Be creative with your space to create your ideal living arrangements. I try to be creative whenever I’m showing houses, and I suggest room alternatives.
  1. Have patience. You might never get everything you want, but put in the effort to make your new home suit your standards. Be willing to compromise. Find a home that you feel has the right components to it that you can work with, and don’t expect to have everything accomplished immediately. It’s sometimes more rewarding to do renovations little by little, and appreciate each thing you do.

By Nikki Sturges
Associate Real Estate Broker
Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty
187 Park Ave, Huntington NY 11743

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