Report: Aldi to Move Into Barnes & Noble Space

Aldi, the discount grocery chain, will move into the space now occupied by Barnes & Noble in East Northport,  sending the bookstore in search of a new location.

The bookstore told Newsday that it wasn’t closing but plans to move into another space. The company said it was closing because it had lost its lease as the Huntington Square shopping center redevelops.

Aldi’s relocation to the Huntington Square center at 4000 East Jericho Turnpike will place it a parking lot away from the Stop&Shop.

The shopping center is operated by Federal Realty, which has properties in 12 states and Washington, DC., including the Melville Mall and the Huntington Shopping Center.

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4 Replies to “Report: Aldi to Move Into Barnes & Noble Space”

  1. Why would we need an Aldi?
    There’s a Stop n Shop in that parking lot..
    Trader Joe’s ( up the street) and a lidl on larkfield road🤯
    We love our Barnes n Noble!

  2. Stop & Shop has nothing to worry about, as Aldi’s goods are on the low end of the supermarket scale. As for B&N, I couldn’t believe that they lasted this long at that location: HUGE store, but almost no through-traffic, even during the winter holidays. Plenty of smaller and less expensive places for them to move to in the area (hopefully!).

  3. Very sad- and a waste of money- that they are relocating this store again. It was originally across the street near Home Depot (The location is now a Walgreens) about 12-13 years ago, and the decision to move it Huntington again, I don’t think is the best idea. I understand them making the store smaller, because this location has way too much wasted space (The DVD and Music section really doesn’t need to be there at all at this point). I think the two better options were Across the street where Bed, Bath and Beyond were previously, or the location where Pep Boys was would have been perfect, and kept the store where it developed it’s customers and regulars over that time. The New location in Huntington is near The Walt Whitman House, near Men’s Warehouse across from the Whitman Mall. The problem there, will be the small parking lots both in front and in the rear (Across from IHOP). Still, as a loyalist, I will make the new store my place, because the staff at the Northport location were always kind, warm, helpful and Knowledgeable. I wish them continued success, but I am indeed very sad about the relocation.

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