Sanin Can Remain on Ballot in 16th District Race, Court Rules

Rebecca Sanin, a Democratic candidate for the Suffolk County Legislature, can remain on the ballot, a state Supreme Court judge ruled Friday.

Sanin is challenging 16th Distict Legislator Manuel Esteban. She was recently named the candidate after Republicans successfully challenged Sidney Joyner over residency requirements.

The attorney representing Republicans said he would not appeal the decision.

Judge Thomas F. Whelan, who had ruled against Joyner, said that the Democrats could substitute a candidate for a disqualified one.

Republicans had tried to block Sanin by saying that the petitions Joyner circulated for the ballot were also voided.

“Manny Esteban tried to knock me off the ballot and deny the voters democracy,” Sanin said. “If the roles were reversed, I would never ever try to deny the good people of the 16th Legislative district the opportunity to choose the candidate that they most support, nor would I hide behind my party to do so. Unlike Mr. Esteban, I trust the voters to choose their candidate and I’m proud to share my record, my vision and my passion for this great community and listen to the dreams, ideas and challenges facing our neighbors in LD 16. “Today was a victory for democracy and means that voter choice has been restored, and people have a chance to have their faith in government restored by having a fair democratic process, something that should be the expectation of every American citizen.”

Newsday said that Steven Losquadro, attorney for Al White, the Republican who filed both suits, said “he believes separate case law establishes that their argument is correct, but said he respects the court’s decision and will not appeal.”

“It is important at this time that the election process move forward,” he said in a statement to Newsday.

The election is Nov. 7.

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