Schools: Calendars Approved; Promotions

Dimitri Bernadel will become Birchwood Intermediate School principal,  after serving as assistant principal for the past year. He has worked within all facets of Birchwood Intermediate School. He succeeds Anthony Ciccarelli, who has retired.

CSH Award

Fifteen Cold Spring Harbor students were presented with 2023 Junior Book Awards by the Assistant Superintendent for Counseling, Student Services & Human Resources, Mona E. Hecht, designated by colleges to Juniors with the highest levels of academic achievement. The honors went to: Zabelle Bobelian (Brown University), Holden Schneider (Columbia University), Michael Gallagher (Cornell University), Saami Ali (Dartmouth University), Sophie Talamas (Hamilton College), Ian Smith (Harvard University), Owen Cornog (Miami University of Ohio), Kathleen Engel (Princeton University), Cleopatra Dallaris (St. Lawrence University), Kylie Drakos (St. Michaels College), Amber Zhou (Tulane University), Charles Wood (University of Notre Dame), Katherina Cotek (University of Pennsylvania), Trevor Steele (University of Rochester), Hannah Stark (Yale University),

John’s Crazy Socks Opens 2023 Sock Design Contest

John’s Crazy Socks, has set up a Sock Design Contest,

and invited the public to hare a design. The winner will receive $1,000.

“I love seeing all the designs our customers submit,” said John Cronin, co-founder of John’s Crazy Socks.

Go to the Sock Design Page at the John’s Crazy Sock website. Click on the entry form, fill out the s form, attach a picture of your sock design and submit. The deadline is Aug. 1,

You must own the design. You must be 18 to enter and you must upload either a JPG or PNG file. We told you it was simple. Get the full rules here.

The first-place winner receives $1,000.  The second-place winner receives a $100 gift certificate to our online store and the third place winner earns a $50 gift certificate to our online store.

For more information about John’s Crazy Socks, visit our webpageFacebook pageInstagram account, TikTok or YouTube channel. You can also contact us at 631-760-5625 or via email at [email protected].

Huntington’s New Calendar

The calendar for the 2023-2024 year can be viewed here.

Cold Spring Harbor Calendar

The Cold Spring Harbor school district has approved the following calendar for the new school year.

2023-24 School Calendar adopted 1-17-23
Scholarships in Northport
Seniors graduating from Northport High School were recently awarded the followin scholarships:
• United States Military Academy at West Point Appointment: Richard Corbett, Andrew Miller
• United States Army ROTC Scholarship: Maeve Carroll, Kevin Oliver
• United States Navy ROTC Scholarship: Ruby Nolan
• United States Air Force: John Slagle
• Naval Preparatory Program Scholarship: Jeffrey Bartholomew
• Kenneth Losey Education Award: Stella DeNunzio
• Northport American Legion “Americanism” Award: Sarah Avelar, Olivia Bingham, Maeve Carroll, Anthony DeStio, Haleigh Greenberg, Karla Guevara, Aidan Larsen, Tatiana Martinez, Ava Mir, Meghan O’Rourke, Andrew Reid, James Rosenberger, Caitlyn Ryan, Timothy Sheahan, Kaylee Weidenman
• Rose Ann Madiou Memorial Scholarship: Maeve Carroll
• Bards Poetry Scholarship: Benjamin Schlaich, Angelina Singotiko
• Gifted & Talented Parents’ Association Scholarship: Isabel Zulawski
• Fifth Ave School PTA W.I.N.G.S. Scholarship: Juliana Franco, Michael Lombardo
• Joan Baltman Memorial Scholarship: Tyler Mulligan
• Nathan Bruckenthal Memorial Scholarship: Hayley Martin
• Northport Chorale Scholarship: Xandira Allen
• Mrs. Irene Taylor Memorial Scholarship: Katie Hayes, Mackenzie Sweeney
• Bellerose Avenue Alumni-Jeffrey Conner Memorial Scholarship: Amanda Penny
• Memorial Scholarships of the Retired-United Teachers of Northport:
o The Joseph Quartararo Memorial Scholarship: Dessa Kavrakis
o The Retired Teachers of Northport Memorial Scholarship Honoring Elementary Educators: Ashly Lopez Lopez
o The Retired Teachers of Northport Memorial Scholarship Honoring Secondary Educators: Samuel Rosenfeld-McMahon
• Future Special Educator Award: Ashley McQuade, Mackenzie Sweeney
• SEPTA Achievement Award: Aidan O’Donnell, Andrew Reid
• East Northport Middle School PTSA Tiger Pride Scholarship: Adam Razi, John Setera
• Pulaski Road PTA P.R.I.D.E. Scholarship: Emma Fabrizio, Julia Weissman
• Dr. William J. Brosnan Scholarship: Alexander Amorosa
• Northport High School PTSA Scholarship: Ty D’Amico, Kyra Perles, Ella Piscatello
• Dickinson Avenue Alumni Scholarship: Reese Cartwright, Aidan O’Donnell
• Robert Rothar Memorial Scholarship: Abigail Buonagurio
• Judith P. Tracy Memorial Scholarship: Tatiana Martinez
• Robert Stokes Memorial Scholarship: Tyler Mulligan
• Richard W. Streb Memorial Scholarship: Violet Wendol
• SCOPE Scholarship: Charlotte Bingham
• Northport Middle School PTSA Scholarship: Maeve Carroll, Zoe Meadows
• Norwood Avenue School PTA, Denise Nicolosi Memorial Scholarship: Caitlyn Ryan, Kaylee Weidenman
• Robert Lichtenstein Memorial Scholarship: Benjamin Loh
• Veronica Franco Memorial Scholarship: Isabel Zulawski
• Northport-East Northport Clerical Union and Office Staff Association Scholarship: Michael Lombardo, James Rosenberger
• Caleb Paquet Memorial Scholarship: Viviana Catalan, Meghan O’Rourke, Christopher Vanek
• Michael R. Dunat Memorial Scholarship: Victor Mainetti
• Northport/East Npt. Teacher Aide Scholarship: Haley Brosdal, Caitlyn Riordan
• Ocean Avenue School PTA Scholarship : Madeleine Atherton, Emmett Radziul
• Northport-East Northport PTA Council Scholarship: Nicholas Crafa, Ava Mir
• Leslie Spanko Memorial Scholarship: Francesca DeRosa
• Fort Salonga Association Scholarship Award: Katie Cancro
• Stephen A. Rigos Memorial Scholarship: Marissa Kang
• Kathleen “Cookie” Amato Nursing Scholarship : Shannon McArdle
• Kathleen “Cookie” Amato Memorial Scholarship: Alina Meadows
• Ramon Guerrero Memorial Marching Band Scholarship: Evan Johnson
• Happy School Bus Scholarship: Anneliese Burg, Ty D’Amico
• East Northport Rotary Club-Fred Marin Scholarship: Kyra Perles, Ella Piscatello
• Visiting Nurse Service & Hospice of Suffolk – Helen Strobl Memorial Scholarship: Andrew Reid
• Northport Chamber of Commerce Joseph A. Pidal Jr. Scholarship: Benjamin Loh
• Steven G. Carr Memorial: James Rosenberger
• Lieutenant Commander Christopher C. Tragna Memorial Scholarship Andrew Miller
• You Gotta Have “FRIENNDS” Scholarship: Kaitlyn Foster, Marissa Kang, Meghan O’Rourke, Xiomara Sorto
• Marine Corporal Christopher G. Scherer Memorial Scholarship: Finalists: Kaileigh Baudier, Andrew Miller; Runner-up: Sarah Avelar
• United Teachers of Northport Scholarship: Tyler Corso, Alvin Lam, Tatiana Martinez, Samuel Medina, Holly Zhang
• Cynthia M. Spina Memorial Scholarship: Scarlett McCann
• Joseph P. Fazio Memorial Scholarship: Benjamin Schlaich
• ELC Carole Gandy Memorial Scholarship: Kyra Perles
• Asharoken Garden Club Scholarship: Hailey Beck
• Lillian S. Brueggemann Educational Scholarship: Ashley McQuade
• Northport Rotary Scholarships:
o Rotary “Service Above Self” Scholarship: Kyle Nock
o Rotary Interact/RYLA Scholarship: Stephanie Stegner
o Rotary Dick Manning Trade Scholarship: Sebastian DiTucci
• Northport-East Northport Kiwanis Club Scholarships:
o Donald F. Hewson Scholarship: Angelina Singotiko
o John Ryder Scholarship: Emma Fabrizio
o James Loomer Scholarship: Stephanie Stegner
o William H. Kelly Good Citizenship Award: Kyra Perles
• Charles and Helen Reichert Family Foundation Scholarship: Thomas Cavuoto, Sophia Merlino
• Ft. Salonga Market (IGA) Richard G. Costello Memorial Scholarship: Sarah Avelar, Kristen Perry
• East Northport Fire Department/Barbara Strievski Memorial: Alexander Amorosa
• Northport Historical Society and Museum Senior Award: Finalist: Brandon Murphy; Runner-ups: Christian Lomma, James Rosenberger
• The Ericson Family Fund Scholarship: Lindsay Avila
• Henrietta F. Ackerly Memorial Scholarship: Nicole Barrientos, Emily Brunkard, Athena Dietrich, Caleb Hamada, Jonathan Kurz, Samuel Medina, Logan Monaco, Alexa Shutowich, Matthew Shutowich, Xiomara Sorto, Holly Zhang
• Great Cow Harbor 10K Run Scholarship: Katie Hayes,James McNaughton
• Mike Russano Scholarship: John Dwyer
• Louis J. Acompora Memorial Scholarship: Winner: Caleb Hamada Finalists: Andrew Miller, Megan Morris
• The Nursing Scholarship: Sarah Edebohls, Allyssa Gulemi, Joseph Luft, Shannon McArdle, Caitlyn Muzyka


New Business Boss

Mike Conway has been named the South Huntington School District’s executive director for business. He has spent the last year and a half in the district as the assistant supervisor for business and district operations working for Dr. Joe Centamore, who has become superintendent of the Connequot district.

Harborfields Calendar
The following calendar is in effect for the new school year.






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