Schools: News Literacy in Elwood, Multicultural Night in Huntington

Howard Schneider, former editor of Newsday, and executive director of Stony Brook University’s Center for News Literacy, talked with Elwood teachers this week about understanding what information is trustworthy and what is not.

Elwood Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth Bossert invited Schneider to speak at  the Superintendent’s Conference Day on Nov. 5.

With social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, it’s easy to read or share unverified information. Numerous studies have shown that false information is six times more likely than reliable news to be spread, the district said.

The goal of the News Literacy program is to help students develop critical thinking skills, interrogate rather than consume information and to read “laterally” and “become your own fact-checker.” “We are all vulnerable,” Schneider said.

Recently, Schneider has partnered with local organizations and school districts across Long Island to spread the News Literacy message. “It’s way too late to be taught at the university level,” he said. “It needs to be brought into high schools and middle schools.”

Those “lighthouse districts” work with Stony Brook University to  integrate the News Literacy program into their curriculum. Bossert said that the district’s administration is inspired to apply for a $35,000 grant to do so but ultimately will leave it up to the teachers to decide. Based on an initial response, all of the teachers who attended the keynote address were in favor of implementing the program into the district’s schools.

Photos by Elwood Union Free School District and Stony Brook University


Washington School Multicultural Night

Washington Primary School will host Multicultural Night on Friday, November 15. “All Washington students and families are encouraged to sign up to showcase your heritage,” Principal Michelle Richards said.

“If your family doesn’t have close connections to the traditions and culture of your ancestors or if you have a special interest in a country, this is a good time to reconnect or research and share what you find out,” according to an event flyer. “If your family has roots to a cultural pocket in the United States (think New Orleans, New Mexico, Hawaii) and would like to share that, you can do that, too.”

Folks can participate in the evening in a variety of ways, including: dress in special clothing, prepare food dishes and provide samples, demonstrate instruments to play music, play/teach games, share interesting photos, set-up crafts for children to, provide facts on your culture on a poster board, tell stories, share art, showcase artifacts or show your country’s map.

Student Participates in AIPAC-Sponsored Conference

Alexa Rind is in Washington, DC this week for the Schusterman Advocacy Institute High School Summit. The Huntington High School junior is among 400 students from across the country chosen to participate in the gathering, which seeks to educate those involved on US-Israel relations and help them become more politically involved, including citizen lobbying of Congress.

The summit in Washington, DC is sponsored by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a bipartisan organization of US citizens “committed solely to strengthening, protecting and promoting the US-Israel relationship in ways that enhance the security of the United States and Israel,” according to the group.

 Rind is one of the top students in Huntington’s Class of 2021. She is always striving to grow intellectually and in every other way. Last summer was no different as the teenager used her two month vacation for some unique experiences.

“I went on a trip with 39 other teens to Prague and Poland where we toured and visited the concentration camps, which was very meaningful,” Ms. Rind said. “Then we went to Israel for about a month and traveled all around the country. I was able to see my family there, which was really amazing and I made so many new friends.”

Hills Students Win Suffolk Zone Awards

Half Hollow Hills East’s Ashley Bryant and Evan Stallone and Hills West’s Allison Cao and Noah Costa for being selected to receive Suffolk Zone Senior Awards.

One male and one female senior are selected by the physical education staff for their physical education class average and character. 


Cold Spring Schools Set Bond Vote for Nov. 19






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