Ethics Board Meeting to Be Livestreamed

Friday’s Ethics Board meeting will take place in the Town Board Room of Huntington Town Hall where it can be livestreamed.

Supervisor Chad Lupinacci said he moved the 9:30 a.m. meeting for use on Optimum 18, FIOS 38 and online at

“In an effort to further increase transparency in the Town of Huntington, we are moving our Ethics Board meetings to the Town Board Room from this point forward, where they can be recorded and viewed live on TV and online and for replay,” said Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci.

Ethics Board meeting had been held in Room 304 of Town Hall, where there is no recording equipment available. The Public Session Agenda of the Ethics Board meeting, which has always been open to the public, will now be available to view live on Optimum 18, FIOS 38 and on


1.  Approval of Minutes

2.  Financial Disclosure 2019 (2018 Reporting Year)

            a. Compliance

            b. Review

3.  Proposed Code Changes

4.  Gift Flyer

5.  Ethics Training

6.  Schedule Next Meeting

7.  Public Comment


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