Shoppers Warned About Handicapped Spaces, Fire Lanes

Huntington elected officials reminded residents and visitors on Thursday to avoid using parking spaces designated for handicapped users. 

Town Councilmen Mark Cuthbertson and Ed Smyth, and Town Supervisor Chad Lupinacci, along with public safety and fire department representatives, held a press conference  at the Walt Whitman Shops, warning people about illegal parking, and giving advice on how to avoid hefty fines for parking in handicapped spots or fire lanes.

They said that the spaces and lanes are needed by those who can’t easily walk to a store or by firefighters responding to an emergency. Lupinacci added that by parking a little farther away, shoppers can get a little exercise and enjoy some fresh air. 

Tickets can be expensive: $230 for a handicapped parking violation and $200 for parking in a fire lane.

Information on parking permits.


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