South Huntington Teachers of the Year Honored

The South Huntington school district honored its teachers of the year at its regular board meeting last week in a ceremony filled with cheers and applause from other educators, families, students and elected officials.

District teacher of the year was Rose Bunnell, who has taught both Spanish and Italian for years at Walt Whitman High School. She was recognized for not only her classroom teaching skills but her mentorship of students and other faculty.

The daughter of immigrants from Italy, she came to the U.S. not knowing how to speak English. This experience inspired her to teach language, the school district said, knowing the struggles she felt as a child and the power of mastering a language can have on people.

Among her former students were Town Supervisor Chad Lupinacci and Town Attorney Nicholas Ciappetta, who is also president of the school board.

State Assemblyman Steve Stern and Suffolk County Legislator Susan Berland were among those who honored the teachers.

The district also saluted these building teachers of the year:

  • Countrywood, Rose Covington
  • Oakwood, Andrea Lopez
  • Birchwood, Barbara Wright
  • Maplewood, Jessica Gomez
  • Stimson, Kerry Chapman
  • Silas Wood, Joseph Poller



Photos by Liz DeMonte, South Huntington school district


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