Spa-Zen Garden to Open in Huntington Village

Huntington Village will soon be the home of a new wellness spa focusing on movement and relaxation.

Co-owners Sheona Golden and Mark Lim will open OM and Zen Garden at 278 Main St., with an open courtyard in the back.

 The spa will offer a combination of fitness and outdoor recover services. OM (standing for Open Mat) is an indoor mat area providing space to practice movement and fitness activities, including yoga, stretching and exercise.

The Zen Garden is an outdoor area for hydrotherapy and recovery, with saltwater spas, cold plunges, outdoor showers, an infrared sauna, and lounge seating. Guests can choose to spend their 90-minute visit as they wish; the spa recommends trying contrast therapy by alternating between the hot and cold modalities in rotation.

“We chose downtown Huntington because of its vibrant wellness and avid fitness community. The area has various fitness studios, physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, and holistic wellness practices. We believe our business model complements these existing establishments and offers great benefits to the community,” Golden said.

Golden has 25 years of sports and aquatics management experience, holds a degree in Exercise Science (Lehman College), and has a Masters in Motor Learning (Columbia University). She is a published research author, has managed exercise and luxury amenity businesses nationally and internationally, and she oversees several swimming schools on Long Island.

Lim has 22 years of IT Engineering and Service Operations Management experience, 12 years of coaching and athletic training, and an MBA degree. He brings his passion for sports, wellness, and self-care from participating and coaching high school, collegiate and adult club sports.

“We are well aware of the numerous benefits that come from movement and exercise, as they are essential components of overall health and wellness. Equally important is how we recover during our movement practice to prevent injuries, enhance performance, and lead a healthy life,” Golden said. “OM & Zen Garden offers a unique space for recovery that is enjoyable, relaxing, and convenient. Our contrast therapy services provide many life-altering benefits, and now the Huntington community can experience them at their leisure.”

The spa also has a feature they call Zen Social. “We have exciting plans to host events where we partner with local businesses in the community,” Golden said. “These events will feature seminars, classes, and promotions, creating a lively and social atmosphere within our garden space. It will provide a contrast to the serene “zen” setting and offer an opportunity for the community to engage, learn, and connect.

The spa is offering three Day Pass options (AM Pass, PM Pass, Weekend Pass) that need to be booked online in advance. Walk-ins are not allowed at the moment. It has individual indoor shower rooms, lockers, changing rooms and robes, towels, and slippers are included during each visit. And just 12-15 visitors are permitted per session.

It is offering the following specials: Buy 1 Get 1 on all Day Passes (Limited Offer):  purchase  passes now and have up to 3 months to book a visit. An additional visit will be automatically added to your account when you purchase your Day Pass.  

The partners, who live in Dix Hills, said they expect to open June 22.

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