Synagogues Rally to Support Israel After Hamas Attack

From religious services to signs declaring their support, Huntington’s Jewish population is rallying around Israel in the wake of the brutal Hamas attack last weekend.

Blue and white signs bearing the Star of David line the sidewalk in front of a Park Avenue synagogue and read “We Stand by Israel.”

Rabbi Yaakov Y. Raskin, who leads Chabad of Huntington Village, said members have been doing good deeds in response to what he called “the worst day” for the Jewish people.  “We have to physically protect ourselves, but we have prayers and good deeds to creat a spiritual defense shield,” he said.
The deeds include providing more candles to be lit Friday evening at 5:59 p.m. to honor the Sabbath, and providing mezuzahs for Jewish famiies to place at their doors. A mezuzah contains biblical passages. “This is something that we could do right here,” Raskin said. Like many Jewish families in America, Raskin has relatives in Israel, including a brother who had to go into a shelter with a newborn baby.
Government agencies and elected officials around the New York City region said they were reviewing or increasing security around public and Jewish facilities after a former Hamas official called for a “global day of jihad” on Friday.
State Assemblyman Keith Brown, R-Northport, said, the White House was correct to condemn the attacks and said a carrier group to the area as a show of force.
“These unprovoked attacks against the Israeli people are incredibly troubling,” Brown said. “My father bravely fought against fascism and the Nazi regime during World War II, and to see these anti-Semitic and senseless attacks carried out against innocent Israeli families and children is deeply disturbing. We must continue to fight against terrorism, especially when such gruesome attacks are being exacted upon the U.S.’s strongest democratic ally in the Middle East. My thoughts are with those impacted by these barbaric attacks—I stand with Israel.”


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