‘Timeless Treasures’ Offers Something for Everyone

Want to buy a bread box? Check. A corkscrew decorated with distinctive figures? Check.

Plates with Asian themes, porcelain birds, denim jackets with handpainted images of musical celebritiies, baskets, jewelry, a painting of John Wayne, and so much more are available at the newly opened House of Timeless Treasures at 160 East Main St., Huntington.

Owner Karen Titus has created an astounding home for 11 vendors to show their cornucopia of work and wares, with space for pop-up vendors about once a month who will stay for short periods of time.

Some of the objects for sale would appeal to strict antiques collectors; others are vintage or even new but all stand out as something different. Each vendor has their own room, so the content changes considerably during a tour of the business. Though packed, the space doesn’t feel overcrowded. And while in close proximity, each room is unique in look and items for sale.

Titus said she she previously worked in a furniture store in Northport. “I loved decorating, putting pieces together, doing home consults and helping people take grandma’s piece and make it work in their home. I liked taking old and new and blending it together.” After 10 years, she became a grandmother and stepped back from her work, but she missed it.

She found a small place to work in, Backspace in Cold Spring Harbor but eventually it closed, and she began looking for more room.

“I didn’t want just 1,000 square feet place with me. I give all the credit to the (property) owners, they made this happen.” After some back and forth., she said, the owners, Elise and Eric Mannguard of Northport,  found a way to make the arrangement work. “They are fabulous,” she said. We’re only here because they are amazing.”

The store is open six days a week, Wednesday through Monday.


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