Trump Supporters Confront Biden Backers as Election Split Continues

Election Day is five days in the past but supporters of President Donald Trump continued Sunday to challenge the electoral outcome and later confronted supporters of President-elect Joseph R. Biden in Huntington.

Trump adherents rallied under the “Stop the Steal” banner, claiming that there is a plot to rob Trump of re-election. But others came to the rally to argue for other issues, as they have in the past, calling Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo a communist, saying that a Biden win represented a victory for communism, denouncing the media, saying that Biden is a pedophile, but mostly expressing their support for the 45th president.

They ralled at the Huntington Square shopping center before heading to Hauppauge.

Shortly thereafter, a small group of Biden supporters waving American, LBGTQ, BLM and other flags, and even one for the Cat Lovers Society, began arriving at Walt Whtiman Shops, only to be greeted by another group of Trump supporters.  Participants said they were there to support Biden and emphasize his victory, praise voters who made Kamala Harris the first female vice president-elect, and other causes. After a brief rally in the parking lot, they formed  a caravan to head into Nassau County,  but the Trump group rushed over to confront them as more Trump supporters arrived by vehicle as the Biden caravan drove out of the parking lot.

The two sides exchanged insults, with Trump supporters approaching the Biden group to shout in their windows, some accusing them of supporting a pedophile and claim that Trump had actually won the election.  Both groups had their share of crude gestures and signs. Police intervened to tell the Trump supporters to step away but they simply returned to the Biden cars once the police moved elsewhere.

The Biden group also confronted a TV cameraman who wasn’t wearing identification and declined to say who he was, suspecting him of being a Trump supporter and filming them for political purposes. One woman tried to block his view with a flag several times and demanded to know who he was as he moved around the Biden crowd. At the earlier Trump rally, a man with a bullhorn denounced News12, complaining that a news crew had packed up and left the rally.




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