Voters Still Lining Up, With One Last Day of Early Voting Left

With Election Day three days away, hundreds of people still stood in line Saturday at two Huntington polling placesĀ  to cast their vote.

Many voters reported spending just under two hours waiting at the Station branch of the Huntington Public Library and the Dix Hills Fire Department.

Several said they chose to vote Saturday because they commute to work or had other obligations and their schedules would be tight on Tuesday. Others said they weren’t sure what impact early voting would have on Tuesday’s vote but didn’t want to take any chances of even longer lines on Election Day. One woman said she wanted to make sure she got her vote in to support immigrants, LGBTQ citizens and others.

Witnesses reported that a man wearing a Trump shirt and carrying a bullhorn was told to leave ethe Dix Hills site. Banners, signs and clothing bearing the names of candidates is prohibited.

One couple waiting in Dix HIlls was dressed in dinosaur costumes.

Sunday is the last day for early voting, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


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