Sponsored: Back Keith Brown for Stability in Leadership

Dear Neighbor,

As parents of school-age children, and property owners, we are writing to you today regarding the upcoming State Assembly election, which has the potential to significantly impact the Northport-East Northport School District (“the District”).In this time of unprecedented challenges, our 12th Assembly district needs steady, experienced leadership in Albany. That’s why we are supporting Keith Brown for State Assembly.

Keith is a lifelong Northport resident (Northport HS class of ’86) with deep roots in our community.   Keith founded his own law firm 12 years ago, is a member of St. Philp Neri Church and has coached our children in little league and soccer, among his many other legal and business community accomplishments.

Keith is running a campaign that is centered on:

    • Restoring educational aid to LI schools
    • Supporting law enforcement
    • Spurring economic development
    • Cleaning up the LI Sound

In stark contrast to Keith, his opponent, Michael Marcantonio, has seemingly sought to capitalize on the Northport Middle School issue, and the Tax Grievance by LIPA on the Northport Power Station, as the primary pillars of his campaign.

Mr. Marcantonio has taken grandstanding to a whole new level, seeking out cameras instead of solutions.  With protestors wearing hazmat suits in the background, Mr. Marcantonio jumped in front of the cameras and “led the fight”, as ABC News put it, with a vocal few, to force the closure of the Northport Middle School.  The closure, along with the looming LIPA matter, prompted Moody’s to issue a “credit negative” report on our District.

Similar irresponsible behavior has been exhibited by Mr. Marcantonio in the LIPA case.   He was so wedded to his fight against LIPA, which was his only real campaign agenda item until the Northport Middle School opportunity presented itself, that he led the campaign, with those same vocal few, against a hard-fought settlement agreement.  Had Mr. Marcantonio gotten his way, and the settlement agreement not been reached, it is quite possible that our District would have been irreparably harmed by dramatically higher taxes and the loss of many instructional programs.

Michael Marcantonio has put our children’s education, and the value of our homes, at risk twice in the last 10 months.  We cannot send him to Albany to do it again.

This is NOT about party politics.   As parents and property owners, we want our Assemblyman to make decisions in the best interests of our children and the community as a whole, not based upon political opportunism.   We need a candidate who will defend the integrity and reputation of our community and our District.

This November, we are voting for stability in the face of great uncertainty and casting our ballots for Keith Brown for State Assembly.


We hope you will join us.


Paid for by the Northport East Northport School District Parents in Support of Keith Brown

Editor’s Note: Publication of this sponsored post does not imply endorsement.

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