When New Yorkers Move Away, The Destination Is Often…New Jersey

While Florida gets its largest number of transplants from New York  it isn’t the top destination from New York.  New Jersey is, according to  StorageCafe, which tracks moving costs and trends across the US.

Almost 65,000 New Yorkers moved to New Jersey in 2018, while another 63,000 migrated headed  to Florida, the site found.

The site also found that the American mobility rate is down, but most often motivated by the search for quality housing, not because of new jobs.

And while many people move away from metropolitan areas,  New York City leads in the number of newcomers, followed by Los Angeles and  Washington, DC-Arlington, Va.

Those three metro areas can all point to Asian countries, primarily China and India, as top sources of new arrivals. Domestically, New Jersey sends New York the most residents.

But New York continues to lose more people than it gains, with taxes and the high cost of living cited as the biggest issues. 

Other top destinations for New Yorkers are Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont. 

It’s also not cheap to move away. The site reports that it will cost New Yorkers from $3,100 to $3,400 to move to New Jersey, and between $3,900 and $4,300 to  Florida.

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