Youth Teams to Compete to Fund Charities

About two dozen young Huntington residents will be fanning out across town this week, using seed money to create a charitable donation.

They are members of Huntington Youth Connect, working in different capacities around town, Kevin Thorbourne, director of minority affairs for the town said. Each team will be selling a product, such as baked goods or lemonade, using starter cash, $100 donated by each member of the Town Board.

The winning team will decide which charity will receive the money. Each member of the Town Board has their own team, with a sixth team of volunteers joining the competition.

When the groups met Friday, Thorbourne, coaching the volunteers team, and deputy parks director Walter Edwards, coaching the team named for Councilman Sal Ferro, immediately took up the challenge, figuring out ways to beat the other and win the competition through clever marketing and product ideas.

The teams will be operating around Huntington throughout the week.  The winner of the competition will get to decide which charity receives the cash raised by all the teams.


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