Campaign 2023: Residents Receive ‘Voting Record’ Flyer

Several Huntington residents have received a flyer in the mail in recent days that refers to the privacy of electoral records, while purporting to show a voting history from past elections.

The flyer says it comes from the state Democratic Party, with a post office box address in Patchogue. The state party could not be reached for comment.

On one side, the flyer reads, “Your personal vote history record”.  On the other, it reads, “Who you vote for is private. But whether you vote is public record.”  And adds, “We will update your voting record after Election Day after confirming whether you voted.”

It also indicates “voted” in three past elections, which matched one recipient’s record, but it is unclear whether  it is supposed to represent the recipient’s actual voting history.

Huntington Republican chairman Tom McNally said, “All citizens have the right to vote free of intimidation and coercion.  The threatening message contained in the widely distributed mailer from the New York State Democratic Party violates that fundamental principle. The Huntington and Suffolk County Republican candidates will stay focused on talking with our neighbors about the issues that matter to them and inspiring, not scaring, voters to vote on November 7.”

Non-affiliated and Democratic voters have reported receiving the flyers.

Mark Cuthbertson, chair of the Huntington Democrats, said, “Given the epic dysfunction of the Republican Party, the mailing really was not necessary to urge Democrats, or for that matter all voters, to vote in November. Voters are already sufficiently motivated to reject a Republican party that has assaulted and ignored our democratic institutions.”

The purpose of the flyer, which one recipient deemed “creepy,”  is unclear. It is also unknown how many people were on the mailing list, or why they were chosen to receive it. In some cases, one spouse but not the other was addressed, or adult children received it while their parents did not.

Early voting for the Nov. 7 election begins on Oct. 28.

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