Campaign 2023: Signs Defaced, Candidate Portrayed as Devil

If it’s October, it must be time for election season complaints about bad behavior.

Members of both the Democratic and Republican parties are complaining about social media or on-the-ground behavior.

Republican town chairman Tom McNally provided photos of two GOP signs that had been defaced with the words “Fascists” and “No Fascists” in black spray paint. A party volunteer was called a “Nazi” several times by a man who phoned GOP headquarters. He said the party had complained to the Second Precinct.

Democrats say some of their signs along Elwood Road have been mangled.

On social media, Democratic candidate Dr. Eve Meltzer Krief was portrayed in a  red devil costume, complete with horns, with what appear to be pieces of syringes. Krief, a pediatrician, has been a staunch advocate of vaccines and other healthcare for children. Krief, who is Jewish, is running for the 18th District seat in the Suffolk County Legislature. Portraying Jews as children of the devil has a long history in some Christian circles.

Complaints of Anti-Semitism


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