Halloweeners Take to Huntington’s Main Street

Trick or treaters of varying ages, sizes and styles took to the streets of Huntington Village Tuesday afternoon to collect candy from downtown merchants.

Buzz Lightyear, various Star Trek characters, a town supervisor with an outsized spider on his head, people costumed as firefighters, police, princesses, witches, families of skeletons and pirates were among those found crowding Main and nearby streets.

While large dinosaurs were a popular costume this year, at least one dog had objections, barking fiercely as one showed up a few feet from him.

Councilman Dave Bennardo, costumed in a football uniform, and accompanied by Town Supervisor Ed Smyth (Previously mentioned spider) Tax Receiver Jillian Guthman (firefighter), and Councilman Sal Ferro who was celebrating his birthday,  sent the marchers on their way from in front of the Gerard Street Post Office. Some merchants handed out goodies from in front of their stores while others involved kids into the businesses.

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