Pizza Worker Targeted in Rant Honored by Town

Joel Villalta, a pizza worker who was recently the target of a customer’s rant for his accent, was honored by the Town Board Wednesday night.

Councilman Mark Cuthbertson presented Villalta with a proclamation for standing up to the customer.

The Little Vincent’s customer mocked his accent, told him to learn English, and when Villalta said he might call the police, the man replied, “You call them, you call them–let’s see if there are illegals here or not.”  When he continues to demand that the police be called and says the employee isn’t answering his questions, the employee replies, “I don’t speak English very well,” and the customer says, “Oh, no, you don’t, do you.” 

“I was proud to recognize Joel Villalta. He stood tall when he was the victim of a racist rant while working at Little Vincent’s pizzeria. Thank you to his family and the members of the Hispanic Task Force and members of the community for your support,” Cuthbertson said.


Customer Berates Pizza Worker for His Accent

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