Independent Bookstore to Open Downtown

Huntington will welcome the return of an independent bookstore Saturday as The Next Chapter succeeds the Book Revue, which closed in 2021 after 44 years of operation.

Mallory Braun, a former rare books manager at Book Revue, led the charge to keep the book scene downtown, finding a space at 204 New York Ave., a short walk from the Book Revue.

Part of her success to reopen a bookstore relied on donations from bibliophiles and others who wanted to help get a business off the ground. It worked; she raised more than $220,000 with online appeals, musical appearances and other efforts, to help pay the costs of renting the building. It also kept people engaged, as donors kept wathing for the store they supported would eventually open its doors.

Book Store Plan’s Supporters Turn Out for Fun

Fundraiser Boosts Successor to Book Revue


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