Northport Village Court Closed by Resignations

The Northport Village Court is closed until further notice after two court clerks quit.

The issue was first reported by Michael DeSantis at Northport Patch.

News12 reported that Mayor Donna Koch said of the two court clerks,  “they left for better-paying jobs, which I think we would all do.”

Koch said the village were trying to negotiate a way to increase their salaries “but it wasn’t feasible.”
The third person who quit, the village prosecutor, left for family reasons, the mayor said.
John Bennett, an attorney who contracts with the Town of Huntington to advise the Zoning Board of Appeals, is assisting in Northport. “The work he is doing is not in any way associated with the town,” a spokeswoman for the town said. “There is no direct interactioin or coordination with the Town on the events transpiring in Northport.”
The village website simply reads that the court is closed until further notice and that village employees, who are not part of the court system, have no access to court records or other information.

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