Town Board Honors Rescuers of Man Whose Heart Failed

The Huntington Town Board recognized the first-aid teams and others who brought a man back to life after his heart stopped.

Councilman Sal Ferro sponsored the proclamation at Tuesday’s board meeting to honor the Dix Hills and Commack fire department responders, Kevin Klis, a passing Good Samaritan who was first on the scene,  and medical staff at Huntington Hospital, who saved the life of Peter Skura after his heart failed as he was driving in Commack in September.

To Skura, he said, “Your journey serves as a powerful reminder of the preciousness of life and the importance of cherishing every moment of it.”

“Life is short,” Ferro said “We want to express deep gratitude to the remarkable individuals whoe swift actions save a life and reunited a family.”

Huntington Man Celebrates His Return to Life

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