Northwell Funding Helps Move Holiday Spectacular Back to Wall Street

The Huntington holiday spectular will be back on Wall Street this year, thanks to support from Northwell Health.

The Huntington Village Business Improvement District and Huntington Supervisor Ed Smyth announced Friday morning that the event, with its 65-foot multimedia Christmas tree, provided by Looks Great Services, and that draws spectators from around Long Island, would return to its spot on Wall Street.

Smyth and Dom Catoggio, president of the BID, said in a statement, “It was clear that the BID did not have the resources to support the tree and the other ancillary services needed to put on a safe, successful event. It also didn’t have time to reimagine a new event so late in the season.

“However, since the plight of the Spectacular was made public, we have since heard from our lead sponsor, Northwell Health and they have committed to provide the additional funding needed to ensure that the Spectacular continues for 2022. Northwell Health’s generosity will enable the BID and the Town to continue this highly anticipated event for the third consecutive year at its original location in Huntington Village/Wall Street. We are grateful to Northwell Health that we can continue the tradition.”

The two had cited safety concerns initially in announcing the decision to move the holiday celebration to Town Hall and Heckscher Park. Their newest statement said, “As safety is a prime concern for all Huington Town events, we will continue to work with our local fire officials and first responders on safeguards and precautions to ensure the Holiday Spectacular is a safe one for all. We hope you understand our need to carefully consider all options when deciding on events such as this.”

“We expect that this event will be ever changing based on the needs of the community, our town, and our merchants.”

The parade and celebration are scheduled for Nov. 26.


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