Pet of the Week: Older Dog Needs Your Help

Let’s stay with our Adopt a Senior Pet Month theme; this time, with a dog.

Meet Snoopy 

Ten-year-old male

Unlike the cartoon character, this Snoopy likes cats. He’s also good around other dogs, whether they are Shih Tzus like he is or Beagles like his namesake. He loves children, too, and, for them, he’ll be more cuddly than any stuffed animal.

He’ll watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving; A Charlie Brown Christmas; Happy New Year, Charlie Brown!; and all the other Peanuts specials with you. But he will want to go on outside adventures, as well; always keep his leash, and your sneakers, coat, scarf, and gloves, handy.

He’s so small, it’s only fitting that he’s at the Little Shelter. He has big plans, though, for a forever home. Give him a chance, and he’ll give you real love.

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