S. Huntington Elementary Students Get Ready to Leave Hybrid Behind

South Huntington elementary schools are moving closer to reopening for full in-person classes in November.

Dr. David Bennardo, school superintendent, said the district is working on the complex series of steps required to move students who want to go back to class full time and accommodate those who prefer to go all-remote.  All parents are asked to tell the district by Friday what their children will be doing so help clarify planning, especially transportation.

The plan is to have K-grade 5 classes begin the return to in-person classes one grade a week, starting Nov. 16 when the new academic quarter begins.

Students who stay in full-remote mode  would keep their current teachers, as would students transitioning from hybrid to full, in‐person classes. But a student moving from either full remote instruction or to full in-person, would then change teachers.

The classroom transition schedule is:

Monday, November 16th
Countrywood & Oakwood: Kindergarten
Birchwood & Maplewood: Grade 3
Monday, November 23rd
Countrywood & Oakwood: Grade 1
Birchwood & Maplewood: Grade 4
Monday, November 30th
Countrywood & Oakwood: Grade 2
Birchwood & Maplewood: Grade 5

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