Video of Fatal Police Encounter Released

The state Attorney General’s Office has released body cam footage of an encounter that led to the police fatally shooting an East Northport man.

Suffolk police shot Alan Weber, 54, in October when he charged at them while wearing a fencing mask and carrying two fencing swords. They had been summoned to his home at 8 Mander Lane after several complaints that he was acting violently earlier in the day.

When they encountered him in the basement of the home, one office fired a Taser. But Weber charged at the police, leading the second officer to shoot at Weber several times, police said.

The release of the video, the office of Attorney General Letitia James said, was not a statement on the shooting itself. Rather, her office said, “The release of this footage is not an expression of any opinion as to the guilt or innocence of any party in a criminal matter or any opinion as to how or whether any individual may be charged with a crime.”

At a press conference the day after the shooting, Suffolk Police Commissioner Rodney K. Harrison said that both officers had been trained in crisis intervention but that the shooting was justified because of Weber’s actions.

Video footage




East Northport Man Killed in Confrontation With Police

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  1. he was not wielding swords.
    he was wielding fencing sabers which are used for sport.
    they have no edge to cut
    they have to point.
    they bend if you hit with them.

    it’s like wielding a car antenna.

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