Huntington Tightens Security After Heckscher Park Vandalism

Vandals who attacked the bathrooms at Heckscher Park were caught on video, Huntington Supervisor Ed Smyth said Monday.

Smyth said that a small group of teenagers were believed to be behind the damage  about two weeks occurred, which involved rocks stuffed down toilets. and led to flooding and the need to dig up pipes to clear them of debris.

Smyth, Public Safety director Joe Cirigliano and Suffolk County Second Precinct commander Kevin Williams said the tape will be studied to see who can be identified.

And police and Public Safety will be increasing patrols, including undercover officers looking for anything out of the ordinary. “Just because you don’t see Public Safety doesn’t mean they don’t see you,” Smith said.

. But they also asked residents to k eep an eye out for anything unusual, to let authorities know and not limit the sharing of information to social media.  Residents can reach the town at 631 351 3234 24 hours a day to let authorities know about safety problems.

“If you see something, say something,  “It’s a mantra that you’ve heard now for 20-plus years, and it’s important.”

Williams said the department will consider notifying CrimeStoppers of the vandalism, an organization that routinely offers rewards that leads to the arrest of suspects.

In addition to the bulding, vandals returned to the scene after the town placed Porta-Potties, and tipped them over.

Separately, vandals hit the bathroom at Breezy Park, setting toilet paper and a plastic dispenser on fire.

Smyth said he encouraged the vandals to come talk to the authorities. He promised a “warm welcome” to anyone who came forward.

The temporary shutdown of the spray parks at Elwood and Manor Field Parks was caused by two separate and unrelated problems. Those parks are fully back in service.

The town said it did not have a cost of the repairs yet but would provide the information when it’s available.

Bathrooms Vandalized at Heckscher Park

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