Schools: Prom Outfits, Robotics Champs

Volunteers handed out dresses, jewelry, shoes, suits and more Saturday at Walt Whitman High School to supply teens with clothing needed for proms and other end-of-school-year events. Organizers said that by midday, about 20 teens had stopped by, including two young men looking for suits. The Whitman Cinderella/Cinderfella program has been going on since 2015, and redistributes items donated by the school, general community and businesses.

Robotics Champions 

The Cold Spring Harbor CyberHawks team 2875 recently finished first at the FIRST regional 1 competition.

The robotics competition drew an international mix of 48 teams, who came from India, China, Dominican Republic, Turkey and the United Kingdom, as well as the US.

It was the first time in the school district’s history that a team has won this championship.Cold Spring Harbor Jr./Sr. High School robotics adviser, Jim Hardy, said, “The excitement was off the charts. In the second match, one of their alliance robots was hit during a maneuver, causing it to flip onto its side resulting in a loss. This led to a final match which would determine the champion. The match came up on the CyberHawk‘s side by a single point.”

The team has been invited to compete in Houston, Texas for the 2023 FIRST Championship. The team is currently competing in the second regional event at Hofstra University, hoping to improve their robot as they prepare for Texas.

The team was honored by Zebra Technologies which is covering the cost of the championship fee and they will also be sponsoring the CyberHawks for the 2024 season.

Educational Foundation Benefit

The South Huntington school district is planning  5k and 10 runs for May 20 to benefit the South Huntington Education Foundation. The run was previously known as Miles for Michael.

The event raises funds to enhancethe arts, music, dance, and technology programs within the district. Registration for the event is open as

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