Northport School Board Adjourns Meeting, Citing Threats

The Northport school board adjourned its meeting Thursday night after it said threats had been received. The board was set to unveil information about offers that had made to buy or lease three school buildings.

At about 7:30 p.m., on Zoom, someone from the board could be heard announcing that “It’s in the best interest to adjourn. We will reconvene at the high school at another date.”

A witness said that the announcement came after the board recessed when many members of the crowd shouted at them, some because the venue was crowded, others objecting to the offers the board was planning to identify. Northport police were called to the scene when the meeting at the Brosnan building became heated.

Before that announcement, the Zoom screen shown by assistant superintendent Robert Howard indicated that a total of 12 offers had been made: four each for Bellerose and the Brosnan building, and three for Dickinson. There was also one offer to lease Dickinson.

The schools were closed in 2021 because of declining enrollment. Some of the offers to buy the land involve proposals to build apartments.

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